About Author & Professional Writer

Alexandra Amoroso began her career as a professional author and writer right out of high school. She simply decided to believe in herself. Paying no attention to the naysayers, negative Nancy’s and judgements of others served her well. Her many accomplishments reflect her kind, loving, generous, determined nature. Managing to balance her love of people and lending a helping hand with her need for solace and self-care in supporting her own well-being was and continues to be key for her.

Growing up with her younger brother, Tony, had it’s challenges and it’s rewards. Both taught Alexandra how to successfully deal with difficult situations at a very young age. They also taught her that the world is full of kind, loving, supportive accepting people which empowered her to become one.

Professional Writer Author

An affinity for writing developed in her heart at a young age. She found great solace in writing about her life experiences and what she loved. Her life experiences strengthened her personality and taught her not to be afraid to voice her individual truths both in her writing and in her life. They empowered her to realize she didn’t need anyone’s “permission” to do anything, including succeed. Alexandra just decided she wanted to author and write books and she did it.

Alexandra realized young what many of us still haven’t figured out. No one holds power over us unless we allow them to. We are free to do, be, or have whatever our hearts desire. We have no one to blame for our successes and failures but ourselves. She believes in encouraging others to share their gifts and talents and she doesn’t take life too personally.

Her professional writing career has taught her…

that the manner in which others react to us or receive us , has absolutely nothing to do with us personally. It has to do with them and what is going on inside of them. Alexandra endures qualities of endurance, inner wisdom and a strong sense of community.

Her supportive, loyal, loving demeanor and her balance between group endeavors and individualism has allowed her to thrive as a professional writer and author even amongst troublesome circumstances.

Alexandra realizes the importance of both solitude and socialization for both her well being and the well being of others. She had mastered the art of sharing herself without losing herself. She continually inspires and uplifts others, while encouraging them to follow their passions and do what they love just for the fun of it.

Alexandra is blessed with the intelligence, individuality, social and community values, commitment and the ability to protect and defend what matters most to her. One of her most valuable traits is her, along with the effectiveness to easily and successfully adapt in whatever environment she finds herself in. She encourages others to believe in themselves. Struggling through school did not detour her. She believed in herself created her own successes in life.

As she continues to follow the empowered inner guidance of her heart, both in her writing and in her personal life, Alexandra encourages others to due the same. That still small voice inside us guides us to do what we love. Alexandra is an inspiration for others to overcome adversity, block out nay-sayers, overcome their fear, and to never, ever give up!

Writing is a Source of Joy for her

Finding our own light helps others to do the same. Believing that our actions in the world have a positive and real effect on others. Our voice, our courage and our fearless determination are all that are needed to make a difference.

“Don’t be intimidated … ever. We are here to educate, inform, rebel, speak up, make waves and honor the callings of our hearts, especially when our love, joy, freedom and well-being are at stake. Rules are meant to be broken and “normal” is a setting on the dishwasher. Defying the what is considered “normal” brings us to the sweet spot in life!”

She believes in listening to the guidance within rather than that of outside influences. (the media, the critics, those who haven’t done what we want to do…) It takes courage to go within rather than put your faith in the people around you. Alexandra reminds us, we have enough strength and wisdom within us to accomplish and overcome anything.

Joy, love, freedom and feeling good help us fulfill our dreams, enjoy our lives and most of all, share it all with others. Helping others along the way, is what is most fulfilling. Alexandra continues her professional writing career as a published author with love for life and for all the amazing individuals she meets along the way.