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Thank you for visiting. Who would have thought I would be an author and professional writer? I truly love and appreciate each and every one of you. I am so grateful for your support and encouragement along the way. Life continually reminds me we are never limited as to what is possible for us.  We are only limited by what our minds can conceive and believe. 

Those who judge us and our accomplishments are really judging themselves. Wish the negative Nancy’s well and do it it anyway! We are the only one’s who have the power to create our successes and our failures. Don’t let the thoughts and words of others discourage you. Follow your dreams today!

Writer, Speaker, Author … All is Possible!

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Every possibility is open to us.  I wasn’t afraid to think outside what is “normally acceptable” and it paid off.  It has been my experience that our leadership and willingness to step up in our own lives, helps inspire and encourage others to do the same.

When we follow what is in our hearts, it always leads us down a fulfilling path.  I’ve learned so much, met so many amazing friends, mentors and acquaintances along the way. I have truly been blessed beyond measure. 

Being able to help others, show kindness and acceptance and sooth any uneasiness they may be experiencing on any level, is one of life’s greatest rewards for me.

Author Perseverance in Writing

I wasn’t a straight A student and struggled in school but was always willing to persevere. “Never give up,” was my motto.  My brother, Tony, is to thank for that.  If I could follow my dreams, anyone can. We need a world full of caring, kind, future leaders encouraging and supporting one another.

We can all use our natural interests and passions as a way to help, heal and support children and people all over the world. Never underestimate the impact you may have on another, even in the smallest of ways. Perfectionism is overrated. Just be you!

We were all born with unique gifts and talents. We are meant to share them. As we do they will catapult us towards success. Writing and authoring books and stories bring me joy. I believe that if we set the intention to put our natural gifts and skills to the highest and best use, trust in a higher power, and do our best, we are naturally led to where we are needed most. Thank you, with all my heart, for being part of my journey.

Love and well wishes to you,

Alexandra Amoroso Professional Author

My Brother is My Inspiration for Writing

“I grew up with an amazing brother who was diagnosed with autism.  Tony is the reason I decided to write a book outlining the struggles a sibling of an autistic child faces.  In addition, I chose to write a children’s chapter book as well. It is more appropriate for younger children. My hopes are, after reading it they will realize they are not alone. Helping and encouraging other children who have siblings with disabilities is dear to my heart. So many questions arose for me when I was young regarding my brother, often leaving me feeling isolated due to all of Tony’s needs. He required constant attention and supervision.

Professional Writer Autism Books

Writing something to help others in similar situations become one of my goals.  Hopefully they will realize that humor, having fun and laughing is so important. These books are an account of my own personal story: What it was like to grow up with a sibling with autism. It changed my life –for the better–, opened my heart, made me accepting, and increased my compassion with people. A strong desire to connect with people was the result.  I wanted to share of myself, from my heart, hoping it would help ease the path for others in some way.

It is my hope that these books touch your heart, like my brother, Tony has touched mine. Remember finding the blessing or something to be grateful for attracts more to be grateful for. I so appreciate all my brother has taught me about life , love and acceptance.

Remember even though someone’s needs may be greater than yours, it is always alright to make yourself a priority. If you don’t take time to replenish yourself, you’ll have nothing left to give your special loved ones. They tell us to put our own oxygen mask on first for a reason.”

Written as a Result of my Fascination with the JFK Assassination

“When I was 15, it was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I always loved history and became fascinated with all the conspiracy theories surrounding his assassination. Why was he killed? Who really did it? How did they do it? Those were all questions engrained in my mind. I watched every documentary, read every book and collected every article I could get my hands on.

Author JFK Book

My friends and family gave me magazines and old newspapers they had collected covering the assassination. I was hooked. I was still in high school when I wrote a book about the JFK assassination. and forgot about it for a while once completed. When I was a sophomore in college, I stumbled across it on my computer and decided, “Hey, I am going to publish this.”.

Not many people believed I would actually do it. Even my parents, while they encouraged me, kept brushing me off. So I kept it to myself, blocked out the naysayers and figured out how to publish it anyway. It was both humbling and an honor when several libraries contacted me, requesting copies for their shelves.  Much light has been shed on the subject since this book was written. Several classified documents have been declassified. Who knows a sequel may be in order in the future. I love writing and decided to continue to write and pursue a career in it.”